• Jalapeno nachos
  • Various beer taps
  • Entertainment room
Emporium Sports Bar Logo

About us

A few years back, some friends and I began to talk about our dreams and aspirations, which lead to the of opening The Emporium Sports Bar in Fort Collins, CO. We envisioned an atmosphere where all would feel welcomed and ready for a good time.

We started talking about how awesome it would be to theme a bar after one of our favorite movies, Dazed and Confused, the cult classic Directed by Richard Linklater. In the movie, Emporium was the pool hall and local hot spot where everyone congregated and where Matthew McConaughey made his iconic entrance into the party in slow-motion style (check out our take of that very scene below). We wanted a place like that in our neighborhood to call our own, and from there, an opportunity arose that would make this dream a reality. We each had something special to bring to the table, which created an inclusive place for locals to hang out and cultivate relationships within the community.